Brittany Anna Mariposa


Brittany Anna’s Sol Spirit Yoga, is characterized by unique Vinyasa flows blending traditional techniques with ancient South American wisdom, inspired by Mother Nature’s ability to heal. A heartfelt practice with a conscious connection of breath to movement, deepening self love & nourishing the spirit. Reminding ourselves that everyday we have the potential to be present in sacred space & create ceremony.

Brittany has designed her personal style based on teachings from The Kula Collective in the Sacred Valley of Peru, where she completed her 200 hour training. She has been teaching classes since in Peru, Belize, Guatemala, Ecuador, Mexico, Colorado, and the Columbia River Gorge, where she calls home.

With enjoyment in teaching all levels, she conducts class with a breath conscious pace, sacred sound, essential oils, and enjoys offering many variations and assists for each asana.

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